I Am Number Four Review

First paid ebook

I know, I’m still a tight ass when it comes to ebooks. Mostly I’m looking for specials or whatever to download them. I still like the feel of physical books so I’ll always go for physical if given the choice (and there is only a couple euros difference between them). But this ebook was too good of a special to resist, so I went ahead and bought it (even though I’ve loaded my Kindle full of free ebooks). I did feel a little ripped off because I thought I was 75% through, but it turns out the last 25% was the chapter from the next book.

Movie first

Full disclosure here, I saw the movie first. I know that spoils books (same way when you see the movie after reading a book). In my defence, I saw the movie years ago, so I could only remember bits and pieces. However, the character looks were already etched into my brain so any description I read would not materialise a new character. I only saw the actors/actresses. It’s a shame, but that’s life.

Too easy

I thought the main character, Four (John Smith), had it too easy in the end. The powers came almost naturally and within a few pages, he mastered everything he needed. I hope I’m not spoiling it for everyone. I also think some of the characters were a little bland (Sarah Hart). I know she’s an ex-cheerleader, but her character didn’t feel real to me. Maybe it’s because we saw her through Four (John Smith), who is in love with her.

Bad guys

We didn’t learn much about the bad guys (except everything about why) in the story. I feel like they could’ve had more of a story to them. Again, with first person perspective, that’s harder to do, but just destroying a bunch of nameless strangers doesn’t add the emotional complexity that this story could’ve used. However, I did feel sad at the very end (but also outraged). I can’t tell you what happens, but you’ll likely guess.


To conclude, if you happen to see the special on the ebook, go for it. I believe this could be a fun series to read along (I’ve not yet bought the next books). But don’t spend too much or you might be a little disappointed. If you’ve got a local library, just go there and loan it out. It won’t take you long to read (it’s not that big of a book). I would’ve rated it higher, but the way the story ended, the chapters at the end of the book from others in the series, and the way it became too easy for Four, made me go with the three stars.

Originally published at www.amaitken.com on August 6, 2016.




Writer and engineering manager @ Traveloka // www.alexaitken.nz

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Alex Aitken

Alex Aitken

Writer and engineering manager @ Traveloka // www.alexaitken.nz

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