The Girl on the Train Review

This book is interesting because it was recommended to me by my girlfriend, who had been recommended the book by a friend of hers. When I say interesting, I say it because it’s not my first choice of genre. In fact, it’s probably the first of its kind that I’ve read (I’m branching out a little bit). It’s being made into a film, so I thought, it can’t be that bad AND to top it off, it’s on the bestsellers list everywhere.

For me, I found the book a little boring. I found the main characters a bit crazy for me (and I’ve read fantasy series). As usual, I don’t want to spoil anything, so let’s just say there’s a lot of drinking, and that’s what creates the story here. I suppose I could imagine the main character, Rachel, being a real-life person. The book is written from the mind of Rachel, Anna, and Megan (I believe. Please don’t hurt me if I’m wrong). They all see different things and their minds help us solve the mystery.

I found the characters thoughts too chaotic for me. There was too much thinking and not enough conversation to keep me completely engrossed in the book. My girlfriend said that it would get better, but for me, it never did. I just didn’t connect with any of the characters. It was also a little hard to follow at times because the storylines mixed and different points of time mixed (dates for each scene were given but you easily forget the last date).

Would I recommend this book? It depends. If you like mystery books, and different perspectives leading up to the event, then yes. Otherwise, I would recommend a pass on it.

Originally published at on June 18, 2016.

Writer and engineering manager @ Traveloka //

Writer and engineering manager @ Traveloka //