The Glass Magician Review

Return to the magical world

So, it’s a new month, and that means that I can rent a new book for the month (as an Amazon Prime member). Note, I don’t have the unlimited books for Amazon Prime. I looked at the selections and in Germany, you do get a crap selection (I don’t read German books). If someone at Amazon can prove me otherwise, be my guest.


We follow Ceony Twill again through this magical historical world. Now, she still loves her teacher, for whatever reason after being in his heart. I don’t really like this romance and would rather see it die. It seems to be Miss Twills only reason to do things and (well I’m not a 19-year-old girl) I don’t think 19-year-olds would put their entire life and career on the line for a man much older than her (maybe a 16-year-old would do that because of their first love etc. ).

We also join a character Delilah, who is apparently one of her best friends becomes kind of a major character in this book. She’s a glass magician, and I guess that’s why she’s in this book at all. Delilah explains to Ceony how Glass magic works, and that’s about all she does.


I guess this book returns to the theme that love conquers all. This is shown with Ceony’s insistence that she needs to protect her teacher because she loves him so much (even if he pretends he doesn’t like her).

The book also follows along the lines of good vs. evil. Good is the side of the magicians who don’t use the blood magic and evil is the team that uses it.


Another theme is that society oppresses people. How is this shown? With the magical bindings that each have to choose after school. Ceony breaks this and can change to a glass magician.


My recommendation is the same as the last that you should rent this book (for free). I do like the concept in the story, but the characters and the actual story needed a bit of work. My thoughts are also that it was too short. All in all, I will probably read the last book in the series with my next month rental.

Originally published at on September 10, 2016.



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